19th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging and Aesthetic Medicine

December 6, 2011  /  Event

The physicians at Balance Medical Center believe that one of the best things a doctor can do for their patients is to be continually learning. The A4M Anti-Aging Conference in Nevada is the leading conference world-wide on Anti-Aging and Preventative medicine and will take place December 7th-10th, 2011. The conference will be a great opportunity for our practitioners to stay current on important medical topics and network with other professionals equally as passionate about patient care as they are.

Leading members of their field will be presenting cutting-edge research on:

  • Metabolic Approach to Cardiovascular Health
  • Advanced Hormone Replacement Therapies
  • Stem Cell Therapies
  • Weight Management

Dr. Rishi Verma MD, Dr. Karla Dionne MD, and Dr. Seema Kanwal ND, will all be in attendance and look forward to sharing their knowledge at Balance Medical Center.

After the A4M Conference, Dr. Kanwal will be continuing on to study the “Perfect Gene Diet” (also, “The Apo E Gene Diet”) with Pamela Mcdonald, PNP, FA, WHCNP in San Fransisco, California from December 11th-13th, 2011. The Apo E Diet focuses on an individual’s genetic recipe to create a diet and exercise regimen designed entirely around his or her Apo E gene type. Leading research in genetics, nutritional science, genomics and DNA testing is married with each person’s physical, spiritual and emotional nature in order to develop the greatest well-being and health possible. Upon completion, Dr. Kanwal will be one of the only providers of the Apo E Gene Diet in Canada.