Personalized Lifestyle Medicine

Dr. Rishi Verma, MDDigital Medicine Revolution, Featured, Personalized Medicine

November 3, 2016:   We are embarking on an exciting time in health care. All doctors may not share this realization, but if you look in the right direction, the future is bright. To this point, I want to share my experience in attending the Personalized Medicine Lifestyle Institute (PLMI 2016) in October 2016 in Arizona.   What is the … Read More

Dr. Verma attending thought leaders consortium in Phoenix. October 19, 2016

Dr. Verma is keen on staying ahead of the curve with his medical education. One way he does this is by attending conferences where ‘thought leaders’ of our medical community gather to discuss ideas. High on the list of discussion items at the conference will be genomics and the personalized medicine experience.  Stay tuned for a great blog posting about … Read More

Privatization of Medicine in Canada

Dr. Rishi Verma, MDFeatured, Integrative Medicine, Public Health

September 30, 2016:   The most contentiously debated topic in health care in Canada right now is the legalization of private medicine services. Although this issue has been a hot topic for decades, it has become considerably more relevant since the start of the BC Supreme Court case of Dr. Brian Day vs. Medicare in September of 2016. The Nuts … Read More

Upcoming Workshop: How to Test Your Hormones: October 12, 2016

Featuring Dr. Rishi Verma, MD. Testing hormones is a complex talk that is frequently debated in the medical world. Dr. Verma will navigate you through the various methods of testing your hormones to help you determine which way is best for you. Time: 5PM Please call the clinic at 604-569-0488 or email at to register for a seminar. Seating … Read More