‘How I Interpret Lab Tests’

Dr. Rishi Verma, MDIntegrative Medicine, Personalized Medicine, Preventative Medicine

The most valuable attribute that sets the medical doctor apart from other practitioners is their ability to interpret lab tests. Let’s face it – there are many practitioners who can offer high quality advice on nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and other lifestyle factors. The unique ability of the medical doctor to order relevant labs and put them in context with … Read More

Privatization of Medicine in Canada

Dr. Rishi Verma, MDFeatured, Integrative Medicine, Public Health

September 30, 2016:   The most contentiously debated topic in health care in Canada right now is the legalization of private medicine services. Although this issue has been a hot topic for decades, it has become considerably more relevant since the start of the BC Supreme Court case of Dr. Brian Day vs. Medicare in September of 2016. The Nuts … Read More

The Future of Medicine Part 3: The Future is Now

Dr. Rishi Verma, MDIntegrative Medicine, Public Health

In part 2 of the Future of Medicine series, I described the flaws with chronic disease treatment in Canada. I then proposed that integrative medicine is a logical solution. The final part of the series explores what an integrative medicine clinic would look like. As you will always see in my blog, I will specifically focus on Canada. We have … Read More

The Future of Medicine Part 2: Ripples in the Water

Dr. Rishi Verma, MDIntegrative Medicine, Public Health

In Part 1 of the Evolution of Medicine Series, I explained how the medical system operates under a standard of care model. Although this model has led to many success stories, we are realizing the limits to its success.  This has led forward thinking doctors to develop novel ways to improve those aspects not addressed in the current system. The … Read More