March 8, 2017: Tired of being tired. Dr. Seema Kanwal, ND

Dr. Seema Kanwal, NDSeminars

In this 24/7 world we live in, where there are almost constant drains on our energy reservoir, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that fatigue is one of the most common complaints among high-achievers. Although some cases of fatigue have an underlying medical basis, there are many instances where fatigue is caused by an overload on your physical and mental … Read More

March 8, 2017: The Hormone Health Series. Dr. Nishi Dhawan, MD

Dr. Rishi Verma, MDSeminars

The Westcoast Women’s hormone health series has become a right of passage in women’s health in Vancouver. Dr. Dhawan shares over 20 years of experience in menopause and peri-menopause in an enlightening manner. Time: 6:30PM Please call the clinic at 604-569-0488 or email at to register for a seminar. Seating is limited. Please RSVP as soon as possible to … Read More