Dr. Verma Featured on CKNW News on January 31, 2015

Exciting News from Balance Medical Centre & Westcoast Women’s Clinic Balance Medical Center and Westcoast Women’s Clinic are excited to share that Dr. Rishi Verma will be interviewed on CKNW radio as part of the station’s four-week Your Health First series. Dr. Rishi Verma Saturday, Jan 31 at 3:00pm The Evolution of Health Care and the Patient’s Role This series … Read More

Balance Medical Center Announces a Merger of Like Minded Physicians with Westcoast Women Clinic

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Rishi Verma and his wife, Kavita Verma, Balance Medical Center is a full spectrum integrative medicine clinic in central Vancouver. The clinic was opened with the vision of creating a space where patients feel safe to explore all avenues of health, including holistic healing, cutting edge diagnostics, and scientifically tested natural therapies. Alongside Dr. Verma, … Read More

New Videos for the Website!

As the clinic continues to grow, so does our website.  We have launched new videos to explain to interested patients what type of medicine we practice.  Each practitioner also has their own video to describe their practice, so patients can choose which doctor is best suited for their needs. You can view the main video on the Home Page and … Read More

Superfood Spirulina

Now available at Balance Medical Center, Spirulina is pound-for-pound one of the healthiest foods you can ingest. Spirulina belongs to an ancient class of single-celled, blue-green spiral algae. Spirulina are freshwater-growing, alkaline-environment loving, microscopic algae that have been living on this planet since the appearance of life on earth.It consists of 65-71% protein, the highest concentration found in any food. … Read More

New Conditions and Symptoms Page

Many people think that Balance Medical Center is a “Hormone Clinic”. Although hormonal therapy is one of the strengths of the clinic, we pride ourselves on being a true Integrative Medicine clinic. We treat a variety of conditions ranging from intestinal dysfunction to autoimmunity to sports injuries. We also offer an array of intravenous treatments including chelation and hydrogen peroxide. … Read More

Dr. Verma Advances His Chelation Knowledge

On June 26-27, Dr. Verma spent 2 days with Dr. M. Prytula in Ontario observing one of the longest standing chelation clinics in Canada. He will bring to Vancouver the ideas he learned to help patients in need of heavy metal detoxification.

Balance Medical Center now offers the HCG Weight Loss Program

The doctors at Balance Medical Center have reviewed the data and clinical outcomes of patients on HCG weight loss, and feel that it is a safe and effective way for some patients to lose weight and improve metabolic function. One can expect to lose between 15-35 pounds during each cycle of HCG. Please see the video of Dr. Oz discusses … Read More

New Location Grand Opening

It gives us great pleasure to announce the official relocation and grand opening of Balance Medical Center.  As you may know, we have been operating Balance Medical Center out of the IMC clinic for the past year and now we are excited to stand alone as a clinic solely devoted to the practice of Integrative Medicine. Our vision for Balance … Read More