January 11, 2017: The Gastro-Intestinal Health Series. Dr. Bal Pawa, MD

Dr. Bal Pawa, B.Pharm, M.D.Featured, Seminars

Join Dr. Pawa to learn the 5R program for repairing an ailing digestive tract
– Remove offending agents
– Replace deficient acid or digestive enzymes
– Reinoculate with healthy probiotic bacteria
– Repair the damaged walls of the intestinal tract
– Rebalance the system with ongoing nutritional support
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Dr. Bal Pawa, B.Pharm, M.D.

Dr. Pawa has a degree in Pharmacy and is a 1988 graduate of the medical school of Memorial University in Newfoundland. While practicing obstetrics and gynecology in Burnaby, she pioneered the first PAP smear clinic through the Vancouver Health Board. Recognizing the need for integrated medical care for midlife women, Dr. Pawa went on to receive certification from Harvard Medical School in Mind Body Medicine and completed a course in "Creating Health" under the direction of Dr. Deepak Chopra. Dr. Pawa is a certified menopause clinician through the North American Menopause Society.

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