Neural Therapy

In neural therapy, specific homeopathic preparations, chelating agents, vitamins and/or local anesthetics are used in the injection solution. An injected anesthetic will cause a nerve to be numbed by changing the positive and negative charges on the membrane of the nerve tissue so that no sensation can be passed along. In neural therapy the intention is not to anaesthetize or numb the nerve, but rather to change the membrane potential temporarily, with the expectation that when the anesthetic wears off, the membrane charges and nerve function will return to normal. Think about how your computer occasionally is overloaded with too many programs running and windows open. It begins to malfunction, running slowly and freezing up. Usually the first thing you do is shut everything down and reboot the computer. After that it will often work fine again. In the same way, neural therapy is like rebooting the “body computer”, the autonomic nervous system, to reset regulation and normalize function, and the homeopathic medicines assist in the local healing response.

Common conditions that benefit from neural therapy include: back and neck pain, post traumatic conditions, chronic incisional scar pains, joint and muscle pains, and athletic injuries.

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