A nutraceutical is a modern day term which combines the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”. In essence, they are pharmaceutical grade supplements to your nutrition. As part of an integrative medicine program, nutraceuticals are commonly used for a variety of reasons.

First, we must recognize that nutrition for most people is not optimal. Living in the western world with a high availability of processed foods and challenges with incorporating nutrient dense foods makes it challenging to attain optimal health with nutrition alone.

Second, there are many well-studied nutraceuticals that have a powerful physiologic effect in the body, and can be well utilized when the system goes awry. At Balance Medical Center, we keep our eyes on the data as it relates to nutraceuticals, and utilize those that are well studied, and can have the most positive impact on your health.

Third, the track record of safety for nutraceuticals has been historically better than using pharmaceuticals. Although they may be less powerful in their supportive functions, our clients generally favour a safer approach when ingesting pills.