Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is a novel approach that our physicians are using to treat our patients.

In essence, personalized medicine is the concept of using unique treatment plans based on the complexities of each individual case. The complexities which are considered range from ongoing stressors to body movement patterns to diet to genetic variability.

This differs from the conventional approach where symptoms are lumped into syndromes and are treated in the same way for all patients. This system derives from the way that large scale studies are conducted. In this way, large numbers of patients are given a specific medication, and benefit is determined by the grouped response of the masses.

The brilliance of personalized medicine is that it follows the principles of scientific medicine, while embracing the unique factors of each individual case. To this point, we only use modalities that have scientific backing, and we use them in combination with others to make a personalized health program uniquely suited to you.

The field of personalized medicine is rapidly expanding to include analysis of your genome, proteome, metabolome, and microbiome. The existence of forward thinking organizations like the university-backed personalized medicine initiative are a clear sign of the medical system moving towards this model.