Dr. Verma attending thought leaders consortium in Phoenix. October 19, 2016

October 17, 2016  /  Featured

Dr. Verma is keen on staying ahead of the curve with his medical education. One way he does this is by attending conferences where ‘thought leaders’ of our medical community gather to discuss ideas. High on the list of discussion items at the conference will be genomics and the personalized medicine experience.  Stay tuned for a great blog posting about … Read More

Upcoming Workshop: How to Test Your Hormones: October 12, 2016

September 28, 2016  /  Featured, Workshop

Featuring Dr. Rishi Verma, MD. Testing hormones is a complex talk that is frequently debated in the medical world. Dr. Verma will navigate you through the various methods of testing your hormones to help you determine which way is best for you. Time: 5PM Please call the clinic at 604-569-0488 or email at info@balancemedical.ca to register for a seminar. Seating … Read More

New Balance Medical Center Health Plans: September 27th, 2016

September 27, 2016  /  Featured

New health plans at Balance Medical Center offer more to annual plan members. See New Health Plans at Balance Medical Center

Dr. Seema Kanwal’s Presentation on the Gut Microbiome: September 24th, 2016

September 24, 2016  /  Featured

Congratulations Dr. Seema Kanwal on an insightful presentation on the gut microbiome to a room full of integrative medicine physicians. Thorne Research, One Day Educational Seminar

Dr. Verma speaking at Choices Market on Revolutionizing your Healthcare

April 22, 2015  /  Event

Dr. Verma will be speaking at Choices Market in Vancouver about progressing health care in Canada. This is a public event but you must register to attend. Please follow this link to register. Register Now

Dr. Verma Featured on CKNW News on January 31, 2015

January 29, 2015  /  Uncategorized

Exciting News from Balance Medical Centre & Westcoast Women’s Clinic Balance Medical Center and Westcoast Women’s Clinic are excited to share that Dr. Rishi Verma will be interviewed on CKNW radio as part of the station’s four-week Your Health First series. Dr. Rishi Verma Saturday, Jan 31 at 3:00pm The Evolution of Health Care and the Patient’s Role This series … Read More

Eat, Drink and Be Merry in Health

December 11, 2014  /  Articles

The holidays are a time to spend time with loved ones that often includes indulging in more food and drink. The average adult gains 1lb during the holidays and most do not loose that weight after. It doesn’t sound like a lot but that 10lbs that crept up in the last decade can be from the indulging in too much … Read More

Balance Medical Center Has Been Features in Recent Release of Business in Vancouver Magazine

November 24, 2014  /  Uncategorized

The growth of Balance Medical Center has caught the eye of the business community in Vancouver. As such, we have been featured in an article on mergers and acquisitions from a business perspective. Kavita Verma is the owner of Balance Medical Center and the featured author of this article: How do I know a merger or acquisition is right for … Read More

Balance Medical Center Announces a Merger of Like Minded Physicians with Westcoast Women Clinic

November 24, 2014  /  Uncategorized

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Rishi Verma and his wife, Kavita Verma, Balance Medical Center is a full spectrum integrative medicine clinic in central Vancouver. The clinic was opened with the vision of creating a space where patients feel safe to explore all avenues of health, including holistic healing, cutting edge diagnostics, and scientifically tested natural therapies. Alongside Dr. Verma, … Read More

Dr. Kanwal Presenting with Infofit Group on Solving Your Spring Allergies Holistically

March 30, 2014  /  Articles

Please come and join Dr. Kanwal for an informative talk: Date/Time: April 16th, 2014. 6pm – 7pm Location: Suite 105-1687 West Broadway, Vancouver BC, V6J 1X6 Admission: $10 per seat, reserve your seat today

Dr. Rishi Verma’s Response to Recent Vitamin Controversy

January 10, 2014  /  Articles

A recently published article in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Dec 17, 2013, Vol 159, No. 12, looked at the results of 27 studies involving over 450,000 participants taking various types and doses of vitamins to prevent cardiovascular disease, mortality, cancer and cognitive decline.  None of the trials found any benefit and some trials found that a particular supplement actually … Read More

Dr. Karla Dionne’s Response to Recent Vitamin Controversy

January 3, 2014  /  Articles

Dr. Edgar Miller is one of 5 authors of an editorial published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, December 17, 2013, that discussed three articles published in the same journal Three articles published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Dec 17, 2013, Vol 159, No. 12, looked at the results of 27 studies involving over 450,000 participants taking various types … Read More

Tips For Success This Holiday Season by Dr. Seema Kanwal, ND

December 17, 2013  /  Articles

The amount of yummy food available in the month of December is incredible. Home baked goodies, office parties, Grandma’s holiday feast, food given as gifts; it’s everywhere and very tempting to eat, even for naturopathic doctors and medical physicians! For most of us, we tend to gain weight between November 23 and the New Year. Not to mention all the … Read More

The Importance of Male Hormones by Dr. Stella Seto, ND

December 4, 2013  /  Articles

Almost everyone has heard of the hormone testosterone, we associate it with being a more male hormone although it is also vital for women’s libido and health, being associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome. But there are many more hormones involved in men’s health. Testosterone is a hormone produced primarily in the testicles and helps maintain men’s: Bone and muscle strength/mass … Read More

New Videos for the Website!

July 24, 2013  /  Uncategorized

As the clinic continues to grow, so does our website.  We have launched new videos to explain to interested patients what type of medicine we practice.  Each practitioner also has their own video to describe their practice, so patients can choose which doctor is best suited for their needs. You can view the main video on the Home Page and … Read More

Superfood Spirulina

March 14, 2013  /  Uncategorized

Now available at Balance Medical Center, Spirulina is pound-for-pound one of the healthiest foods you can ingest. Spirulina belongs to an ancient class of single-celled, blue-green spiral algae. Spirulina are freshwater-growing, alkaline-environment loving, microscopic algae that have been living on this planet since the appearance of life on earth.It consists of 65-71% protein, the highest concentration found in any food. … Read More

What Should You Look Out For In Your Children’s Treats?

March 14, 2013  /  Articles

There is something lurking in your candy, and it is no laughing matter when your child turns Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. How do you know what is safe to eat? Let’s take a look at a few ingredients found in your child’s candies and how that may affect your child’s behavior.  The first is Carnauba wax. This is one of … Read More

Wild For Chaga!

March 14, 2013  /  Articles

By Kavita Verma, Owner of Balance Medical Center There have been an abundance of super foods touted in the mainstream media recently that claim to do a number of things – improve memory, support immune function, decrease inflammation. Some superfood claims are backed by scientific studies while others are merely passing fads with little nutritional value. Incorporating some high-quality super … Read More

New Conditions and Symptoms Page

March 3, 2013  /  Uncategorized

Many people think that Balance Medical Center is a “Hormone Clinic”. Although hormonal therapy is one of the strengths of the clinic, we pride ourselves on being a true Integrative Medicine clinic. We treat a variety of conditions ranging from intestinal dysfunction to autoimmunity to sports injuries. We also offer an array of intravenous treatments including chelation and hydrogen peroxide. … Read More

March 12: Drs. Verma and Seto Attending the Vancouver Vaccine Summit

March 3, 2013  /  Event

Drs. Verma and Seto will be attending this Summit to further their knowledge on this controversial topic.  This seminar is open to the public, so hope to see you there.  Click for further details.