Prolotherapy involves the treatment of two specific kinds of tissue: tendons and ligaments. A tendon attaches a muscle to the bone and involves movement of a joint. A ligament connects two bones and is involved in the stability of the joint. Once these structures are injured, the body’s physiological response is stimulated to repair the injured area. Ligaments and tendons generally have poor blood supply, therefore, incomplete healing after an injury is common. Incomplete healing results in strong bands of tissue becoming relaxed and weak. The improperly healed ligament or tendon becomes a source of chronic pain and/or weakness.

Prolotherapy works by the same process that the human body naturally uses to stimulate the body’s healing system, a process we are all familiar with, inflammation. The technique involves the injection of dextrose (a mild irritant solution) that causes an inflammatory response, which tells the body the healing process needs to begin. The growth of new ligaments and tendons tissue is then stimulated. The tissue which forms as a result of prolotherapy is thicker and stronger than normal tissue, up to 40% stronger in some cases!

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