Diagnostic Testing


MSP covered lab testing

The annual fee structure at Balance Medical Centre allows your physician to assess medically necessary concerns along with your preventative health needs. If a symptom is discussed which has a medical need associated with it, our physicians will order appropriate lab testing which will be paid for by MSP. Your physician will use discretion to only order medically necessary labs through MSP.

Private lab testing

Our physicians use private lab testing in many cases to help understand hormonal, intestinal, cardiovascular, neurological, or metabolic concerns. With private lab testing, we are trying to decipher how healthy your body is, rather than searching for a disease.

Our most commonly recommended private lab tests are:

Dried urine test for comprehensive hormones (DUTCH test)
A comprehensive analysis of the hormone cascade analyzed over a 24 hour period.

Food sensitivity testing (ALCAT)
The most current technology for assessing immune reactions to a number of different foods, herbs, and additives

Micronutrient testing (Spectracell)
Functional levels of 32 different vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants in the body

Comprehensive stool analysis (Doctor’s Data)
An in-depth analysis of the gut microbiome, including a search for yeast and parasites, digestive enzyme function, and intestinal inflammation and immune markers.

We are able to offer any private lab test from the following reputable companies: