Medical Treatments

At Balance Medical Center, our medical doctors use an annual fee system, which takes into account the multitude of services offered to our patients, which are not covered by the public medical system.

We appreciate that the Canadian public medical system is doing its best to offer care to millions of its citizens. The system, however, is built on doctors seeing large numbers of patients in short office visits with long wait times. This fast paced system does not fit with our personalized care model.

To maximize our patient experience, we use resources available through the public system such as labs, diagnostic testing, and specialist referrals. We then add valuable services that are not offered by the system.

Main Services covered by our Annual Packages

  • Access to a specialty trained functional medicine doctor who has expertise in both pharmaceutical and holistic health systems
  • A clinic environment which specializes in personalized medicine – a major advancement of the current medical model
  • Access to a clinic which offers 30-60 minute visits with your physician throughout the year (and our doctors are diligent with being on time)
  • Ordering and interpretation of private lab testing, designed for a detailed assessment of your health
  • Availability of secure video teleconference visits with your physician using the Livecare portal
  • Access to a live and online seminar series conducted by various members of our allied health team
  • Doctor to pharmacy prescription renewals at no charge
  • Simple doctors notes required for work or other reasons. More complex forms such as disability or legal forms are charged additionally
  • After hours on call paging services (for urgent issues only)

Additional services available that are not covered by our annual packages:

  • Costs for private lab testing
  • Advanced medical procedures, such as prolotherapy and neural therapy
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Naturopathic doctor visits

Health Plans

All first year patients start with the New Patient Health Plan.

This health plan includes:

  • All of the Main Services listed above.
  • Two one hour consults with your physician spaced roughly one month apart.
  • Ongoing half hour follow up consults with your physician through the year. The frequency of these consults is determined by the individual requirements of your case.
  • Throughout the year, your physician will encourage you to attend seminars and view webinars that are pertinent to your health journey.

Cost $1800

Once the initial year is complete, we encourage our patients to continue their care with us. They can choose from either of the following health plans:

Additional Details